Ultimate Hucker Sender- Rankin, Brayton, Vink

Ultimate Hucker Sender- Rankin, Brayton, Vink

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Publiée le le 27 décembre 2016

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Vink, Rankin et Brayton se mettent quelques gros tirs dans la campagne anglaise du Lake District. Ici pas de Slow-Mo, que de la vitesse, de l'engagement et du gros drift!

After putting in a few weeks of day and night shifts digging tracks around the Lake District, Adam invited Nico and Alex to spend a few days filming and hucking. Alex hasn't disappointed, capturing the guys riding on the edge and pulling off some pretty big jumps along the way.
This "...Ultimate Hucker Sender" edit by Alex has a distinctively "Earthed" and raw edge to it - no fancy gadgets or slo-mo's - just flat out loose riding.
"It was really good to catch up with Nico and Adam for this project, we laughed a lot and got lucky with the UK winter weather, but the speed of Adam on his local tracks was insane and had us all with jaws dropped." - Alex Rankin
P.S. Nico rides all the tracks blind - not bad ey?!

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