VG Volume 1: Teaser

VG Volume 1: Teaser

Vidéo de snowboard
Publiée le le 29 août 2011

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Videograss "VOLUME 1"

"After watching this video you will be ready to amaze your friends with some stylish moves done just like the VG gang. From Mt. High to High Cascade Snowboard Camp, we will show you the ins and outs of our favorite tricks. Step by step you will learn the secrets, as well as see the tricks done in the streets and backcountry. Keep your tricks proper and you will be well on your way to Olympic stardom, or even better - filming your own video part!!!"

Avec -

Alex Andrews
Bryan Fox
Chris Grenier
Danny Kass
Darrell Mathes
Harrison Gordon
Jake Kuzyk
Jake Olson Elm
Jed Anderson
Jess Kimura
Jordan Mendenhall
Louif Paradis
Mark Sollors
Marc Frank Montoya
Nima Jalali
Scott Stevens
Zak Hale
and more..

Filmé à:
Mt. High
High Cascade Snowboard Camp

Présenté par Monster Energy.

Sponsorisé par High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Mt. High, Ashbury, Burton, Bonfire, Holden, K2, L1, Nike, Nitro, Quicksilver, Ride, Salomon, Vans, Volcom, WESC

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