Vincent Pernin - Overcome

Vincent Pernin - Overcome

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Publiée le le 20 décembre 2019

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Vincent Pernin aka Petit Chevreuil nous régale à nouveau avec ces couleurs d'automne aux Arcs.

Caméra : Pierre Henni.


We had quite a few struggles while filming this project. In my experience it was one of the most complicated edits I have worked on. But we overcame these obstacles leaving us with a greater sense of appreciation for the final result.
This summer I have been riding my enduro bike in the Bike Park of Les Arcs a lot more than usual. I have been amazed at how much the bike can handle, using it for features I would normally take my DH bike for. This made me want to film an edit using this bike so badly. It's light, fun and amazing to throw around.
Turn the sound up, get your eyes on this.
Vincent Pernin