Welcome to the Fairyhill - Film Complet

Welcome to the Fairyhill - Film Complet

Vidéo de ski
Publiée le le 08 novembre 2012

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Newreal productions présente "Welcome to the Fairyhill".
son 4ème film de ski & snowboard shooté entièrement à Leysin en Suisse.

A very exciting season where we exploited a great deal of the potentialities our beloved home mountain had to offer, and there is still so much more to do!
Leysin is also known to be the home of some legendary fairies, hiding somewhere in the hills... The magic wich dwells in these mountains has tempted more than ordinary tourists! Watch out for those damn fairies!
This is about Leysin and the young riders who spend their time slying the slopes with their skis!
We hope you enjoy the movie!
Filmed by Newreal Productions
Edited by Yannick Guillermin
Starring Benoît Erard / Yannick Guillermin / Jimmy Schuler / Dylan Forde / Romain Erard / Valentin Guignard / Christophe Baer / Lucky Gagnebin / Stephane Tissot / Manu Roulet / Yoann Roulet / Gil Mayencourt / Malik Dötraz / Alexia Bonelli and more

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