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Charles and Louis are two wealthy Bellifontains who are in the search for something to spice up their daily lives, in which they are not exactly ecstatic about. On one fine day, thanks to an advertisement, they decide to change altitudes to discover the physical activity of Mountain biking. Throughout their adventures, they will encounter a troop of characters all as peculiar and eccentric as the other. However, thanks to these curious fellows they will learn to master the sport, and thus become true riders!
Follow our two heroes though their adventures, and you too will discover the joys of mountain bike in good spirit!

Faceboook : https://www.facebook.com/The-Forest-Crew-132374210175368/?eid=ARBQkupwmid0wXLnvIzCFU5Fv_smGplt_bdlGxQFTVyJI9DJ3oaDG0ebpY69wCXQR5akZxqLVb0C8zw5

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/theforestcrew/

Film / Edit : Alan Perreard

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