OFFICIAL TRAILER - The Good Old Times Are Now

OFFICIAL TRAILER - The Good Old Times Are Now

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Publiée le le 22 novembre 2016

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Venez assister à l'avant première de notre film "The Good Old Times Are Now" au Kustom kafe à Fontainebleau (8 rue Montebello - 77300)

Au programme :
Musique, Bières (ou autre alcool !) Bonne ambiance, beer pong, diffusion de vidéos "making off" trailers à partir de 21h...

(Fermeture du bar à 1h du matin.)

Venez nombreux et n'hésitez pas à partager l'event.
See you soon !

This is the story of a dream mixed with reality. Follow a group of friends doing what they love the most: riding bikes, drinking beers and having good time. The good old times do not really exist, the most important in life is to do what you love everyday and not only remember the past.
The Forest Crew is not only a matter of bikes. It is a way of life, a weird family, which we will be pleased to make you discover through this movie coming out in January 2017.

A film by The Forest Crew.
Directed by Alan Perreard
Film / Edit Alan Perreard
Featuring : Sacha Kojevnikov, Joris Mahieu, Alan Perreard, Lucas Bernier, Julien Groseiller, Valentin Nam, Jean Philippe Nam, Julien Groseiller and William Robert.

The Forest Crew :

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