Uruguay 7A Roche aux oiseaux #Bleau

Uruguay 7A Roche aux oiseaux #Bleau

climbing prn
climbing prn
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Publiée le le 10 novembre 2017

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Bouldering in fontainebleau, opened by Tony Fouchereau this boulder was all about finding the right beta (for my size and skills)!
Just two words about Tony. Tony Fouchereau is a great bleausard (and quite tall by the way), who has already opened more than 900 boulders from 7A to 8B..
So it's always nice to sit down to a boulder opened by someone who spent hours in the forest to find interresting piece of rocks and super cool lines!

My beta, stand for every person who felt that it is hard to find the left foot whithin the crack. so start as it is said in the description
then before reaching the really good left sloper bring both hands on the same hold, and place your left foot!
Actually if you have placed it well, it remains nothing to do.. just pull with your arms to reach the left slopper. and then push on this left foot, to elevate your body
as high as possible. the fight is almost over sloppers and good holds could be found on the right side of the boulder. Grab one, correct your position if needed, and send this boulder!
Well, if you need more advises feel free to ask!

By the way, just found like 3 abondoned plastic botles there, walking on the main path... Please, keep your waste with you and bring it back, the area was clean before you came with all your sh**.

More info:
or here:

About the forest and sharing some ethics:

To remember:
The sandstone is fragile.
To preserve the area use chalk with caution and brush it off afterwards.
Chalk should only be used on hands, never directly on the rock!
Clean your climbing shoes on a doormat before any climb.
This is essential to limit rock erosion.

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